Winter 2011-2012 the idea sprout to make a chapter Stomach-fungi. While working it out, it became bigger than imagined and other observers shared photo's to make it possible to put things clear. Thank you very much.
This chapter is still growing, because there did not not exist a website with macroscopic keys for stomach-fungi in the Dutch language.

There is a nice and funny online app called ImTranslator. If you try to read this site with that app as translator, you may understand why learning fungi is language learning. As you may understand why the site is being translated with the help of an old school-dictionary from 1956. Please help, if you are a native English writer.

In one sense it is a idle movement to translate information of the Dutch gasteroid fungi into English, because most of the used literature was published in English too. On the other hand it may be clear that communication about observations and misapplications worldwide cannot be done in the Dutch language. Site-translation is a self-critical process of checking and rechecking, offering an entrance for others to authorize this site's sense and nonsense.

These observers made it possible to realise the stomach fungi idea. Their copyrights and/or image-rights are mentioned in their material. This file is an index to their photo's at this site. Cut-outs of their collective work are used in: (the menu) and geastrum(anatomy).html (glossary of earthstar field-marks).

Birdwatching group 't Gooi: 
Helmoet VosGrey Puffball (B. plumbea) , Devil's Fingers (C. Archeri) 
Corry Abbink-MeijerinkOnion Earthball (Scl. cepa)
Kik van Boxtel Tiny Earthstar (G. minimun), Field Earthstar (G. campestre), Elegant Earthstar (G. elegans), Grassland puffball (L. lividum)
John Breugelmans Dwarf Earthstar (G. schmidelii) Tiny Earthstar (G. minimum), Collared Earthstar (G. triplex), Rosy Earthstar (G. rufescens) Rayed Earthstar (G. quadrifidum)
Ida BruggemanOnion Earthball (Scl. cepa)
Willy HeimeriksBeaked Earthstar (G. pectinatum)
Albert JacobsMosaic Puffball (H. utriformis)
Linda van der KampFelty Earthstar (G. saccatum)
Gert KremerPotato Earthball (Scl. bovista), Onion Earthball (Scl. cepa)
Joop van der LeeOnion Earthball (Scl. cepa), Scaly Earthball (Scl. verrucosum)
Laurens van der Linde Striate Earthstar (G. striatum), Tiny Earthstar (G. minimun), Grassland puffball (L. lividum), Scaly earthball (Scl. verrucosum), Blackish Puffball (L. foetidum).
Freek van LoonMeadow Puffball (V. pratense)
Tjerk NawijnStriate Earthstar (G. striatum), Dwarf Earthstar (G. schmidelii)
Rob OudejansPotato Earthball (Scl. bovista)
Arjan PortengenMosaic Puffball (H. utriformis)
André SchultenRosy Earthstar (G. rufescens)
Edwin WalstraBeaked Earthstar (G. pectinatum)
Hannie WijersDevil's Fingers (C. Archeri)
Ruud WielingaFelty Earthstar (G. saccatum) 
Isabelle CaretteScaly Earthball (Scl. verrucosum)
Johan GilbertPotato Earthball (Scl. bovista)
Ludwig JansenPotato Earthball (Scl. bovista)
Patrick SchuurmansPotato Earthball (Scl. bovista)